Brayge Sports - our name – Brayge (rhymes with “age”) is a combination of our own kids’ names (Brock, Haydin, and Sage). Because we originally started with the philosophy within our own family that sports should be for the FUN of it, we felt it should be in their name. Over the years, we have learned many other families believe in this philosophy, as well.

With our Brayge Sports leagues, we encourage parents and siblings to practice with their athletes during the week instead of rushing out the door to sit in traffic, driving to practices all over town, and spending countless hours waiting for varying game schedules. 

Sports should not be exclusively for the athlete who is trying to attain a scholarship or go "Pro".  Sports should be for the FUN!  We care deeply about your kids and ours being active and having a GREAT sports league experience without the heavy cost in money, time, and commitment.

brayge Fitness

At Brayge Fitness, we try to keep it simple and cut out the complexity. Fitness, health, and sports should not exclude anyone, because everyBODY can benefit. 

 And, Fitness is not just for the gym rat. 

With our Brayge Fitness, we encourage families to focus on their health and fitness in the comfort of their own home.  We offer the exercises and accountability without any stress of traveling elsewhere.


We have removed the barriers which stand in the way of the numerous positive benefits of sports and exercise. Priorities should not be compromised, and family is definitely one of our priorities.